Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed

Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed

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Product Description

Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed.

Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed 40% less fat* for weight control (*vs. Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed).

Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed for dogs with a tendency to be gain weight. It contains 40% less fat (vs. Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed) as well as high quality ingredients such as animal based protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibres and important vitamins and minerals for the health and wellbeing of your adult dog.


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Why Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed?

As an original premium dog and cat food maker and pioneer of proper nutrition, Eukanuba food has generated a large following during the last forty years.

Eukanuba premium dog food is a favourite of many expert breeders, and vet’s who are not shy about yelling the praises of its nutrition. See below the recent testimonials on Eukanuba food from experts who know cats and dogs.


Search and rescue dogs need to be extremely fit and in peak condition at all times. Our longest recent search lasted for four days. Nutrition helps to sustain the dog through its working life. Eukanuba develops strong joints and healthy skin and muscles, while providing high energy levels, which are vital to the work our dogs are doing.

James Coles SARDA (Search and Rescue Dog Association – Southern Scotland).

I truly believe it is the best possible nutrition I can feed. It has suited my dogs since they were puppies and they have thrived on it ever since. I currently feed Eukanuba Adult Large Breed as it meets their every nutritional need through a beautiful coat, healthy digestion, good teeth and, critically, strong joints, which are so important to large breeds like Great Danes.

Ann Foxwell – Breeder and respected judge of Great Danes.

So Go On Buy Eukanuba Weight Control Medium Breed From Pet Store To Your Door Today.

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