Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula

Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula

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Product Description

Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula.

Hydrolysed salmon & real tuna are the #1 ingredients
Pro Plan® nutrition comes from a combination of high quality ingredients. We begin with real hydrolysed salmon and real tuna as the #1 ingredient. Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula with Real salmon and tuna provide high-quality alternative protein sources, which helps support muscle mass for strength and provides energy. Wholesome grains such as rice and oats, are highly digestible sources of carbohydrates for energy and quality fibre sources to promote easy cleanup. We carefully select each and every ingredient for its nutritional value and to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. That’s why you can be sure your sensitive puppy receives exceptional nutrition and flavour in every bowl.

PRO PLAN Puppy – now with OptiStart®!

Your puppy has just one year to develop the three protective systems – The immune system, the digestive system, and the skin and coat system. These three systems work both independently and together, to help ensure a lifetime of optimal health and protection. That’s why Purina® veterinarians and nutritionists have developed Purina® Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula with OptiStart®. It is specially formulated with an innovative blend of nutrients, including Colostrum, that’s rich in natural antibodies. So, you can give your puppy optimal nutrition and natural protection to unleash his full potential.

Hydrolysed salmon & real tuna (minimum 10% of total animal protein) provide an alternative protein source for puppies.
EPA and omega 3 from fish oils to help reduce skin inflammation and assist in skin repair.
Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula has optimal levels of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and zinc to maintain skins moisture, firmness and support a lustrous coat.
Beet pulp and chicory, specially selected ingredients to help nourish intestinal cells for a healthier digestive tract.
Optimal balance of soluble and insoluble fibre, promotes healthy bacteria in gut, resulting in fewer, firmer stools.
Natural Antibodies from colostrum and other high quality proteins proven to help strengthen your puppy’s immune system during the first formative year.
Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula Contains DHA, a nutrient found in mother’s milk for brain and vision development.
Optimal protein:fat ratio promotes healthy growth to help develop strong, lean muscles without excess body fat.
Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals help support strong teeth and bones. Plus a kibble designed to help reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar, improve gum health and helps reduce gingivitis.
High quality ingredients, beginning with real salmon & tuna as the key ingredients for a taste puppies love.

Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Formula Ingredients.

Salmon and tuna. vegetable protein concentrate. oats. fish protein meal. brewers rice. wholegrain sorghum. beef and/or lamb tallow preserved with mixed tocopherols (form of vitamin E). minerals. vitamins and/or amino acids (including calcium carbonate. potassium chloride and/or dicalcium phosphate. sodium chloride and/or phosphoric acid. fish meal. copper sulphate. vitamin E supplement. zinc sulphate. ferrous sulphate. ascorbic acid (source of vitamin C). niacin. vitamin B12 supplement. manganous oxide. pantothenic acid. riboflavin supplement. pyridoxine hydrochloride. vitamin A supplement. menadione sodium bisulphate complex (source of vitamin K activity). thiamine mononitrate. folic acid. potassium iodide. sodium selenite. cobalt carbonate. biotin. natural flavours. spinach. choline chloride). natural fibres (including beetpulp and chicory). dried yeast and colostrum. natural antioxidants.

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